Monday, 25 April 2011

ARTS AND CRAFTS REVIEW: Stitch with Love - Mandy Shaw

Release Date: 26/04/11


Today's newest and most popular needlecraft, stitchery, is an ingenious combination of good old fashioned embroidery, modern quirkiness and contemporary projects. Mandy Shaw's unmistakeable style provides a gorgeous collection of stitches and projects, all in natural fabrics in the stylish cream and red colour palette. It includes a perfect introduction to eleven simple stitches, with step-by-step instruction for both right and left handers. It allows the crafter to create stunning gifts and home accessories which are personal and unique, and also leaving room for inspiration and creativity.


Arts and crafts is a wonderful thing to be able to do and when you’re looking for projects it can, at times, feel a little daunting. This title by David and Charles takes the reader through a number of easy to follow stitches and also presents them with a host of small projects that can make wonderful gifts for friends and relatives that don’t cost the earth to either make or in time. Add to this patterns, easy to follow steps and a number of great projects including some Christmas themed ones and if you can get them into it, a great way to help keep children occupied as well as to learn skills that will last a lifetime.

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