Thursday 28 April 2011

FANTASY REVIEW: Sword of Albion 2: The Scar Crow Men - Mark Chadbourn

Release Date: 28/04/11


1593. Queen Elizabeth’s trusted spymaster Walsingham has been dead for two years. And as plague sweeps through the streets and stews of London, so suspicion and mistrust sweep through the court and government. No one feels safe. Even the celebrated swordsman, adventurer and philanderer, Will Swyfte, is not immune and must watch his back.

It is when his best friend and colleague, the playwright Christopher Marlowe, is killed in a pub brawl that Will decides he must act. The murder has all the hallmarks of an assassination. But in going in search of Kit's killer, he discovers that there are those in positions of power and influence who are not what they seem…

Against a backcloth of growing paranoia and terror, Will detects the malign machinations of England’s hidden enemy, the Unseelie Court. Now friendless and with these devils at his back, the country’s greatest spy may find that even his vaunted skills are no match for the supernatural powers arrayed against him. The choice is simple: uncover the true nature and intention of this vile conspiracy – or face the executioner’s axe…


Fans of the Fae and the battles against them will absolutely adore this, the second novel in the Sword of Albion series by Mark Chadbourn. The character as usual are rounded, they have emotional aspects that can win out over sense and perhaps best of all it’s a story of revenge, loss and discovery.

What Mark also brings to the table is decent prose, great dialogue and a great sense of pace that allows the reader to follow the twists and turns and regain their breath in the lulls to prepare for the next impressive action sequence. All in a great addition to the series and one that you really have to try if you love a different type of fantasy. Great stuff.

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