Wednesday, 9 May 2012

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: The Testimony - James Smythe

Release Date: 26/04/12


A global thriller presenting an apocalyptic vision of a world on the brink of despair and destruction. What would you do if the world was brought to a standstill? If you heard deafening static followed by the words 'MY CHILDREN, DO NOT BE AFRAID'? Would you turn to God? Declare it an act of terrorism? Subscribe to the conspiracy theories? Or put your faith in science and a rational explanation? The lives of all twenty-six people in this account are affected by the message. Most because they heard it. Some because they didn't. The Testimony -- a gripping story of the world brought to its knees and of its people, confused and afraid.


If you’re a fan of apocalypse and an usual audible transmission, the reader is hurled into a book where a multitude of characters (utilising a Diary style) each tell how the “miracle” effected them and brings together a whole host of characters that really allows the book to not only grow but have a sense of believability about it.

It’s cleverly written with characters that will work their way into the readers subconscious which when added to an author who knows how to twist the emotional knife with a solid use of prose and dialogue really brings together what could have been a mishmash into a solid release. All in definitely something different and a book that I’d suggest for others to give a try, especially if you have aspirations of writing.

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