Monday, 7 May 2012

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Warhammer 40K: The Night Lords 3: Void Stalker - Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Release Date: 07/05/12


The hunters have become the hunted. The Night Lords flee to the dark fringes of the Imperium to escape their relentless pursuers – the eldar of Craftworld Ulthwé. Their flight takes them to the carrion world of Tsagualsa, where their primarch died and their Legion was broken. There, history will repeat itself as a deadly assassin stalks the shadows, and the Night Lords are drawn into a battle they are destined to lose.


Dark Deed and even darker characters as the Night Lords seek their goal through a mix of combat (both internal and against a common enemy) with an antihero who seeks to obtain his target to the best of his ability. It’s a quirky style of writing and when you get the flavour of the dark side alongside a modified version of honour which all in generates a tale that will give the reader a story that is different to the norm.

Add to this solid prose, great bloody gouts of gore alongside witty dialogue and double dealing which all in leaves the reader more than sated dealing with the darker gods. Aaron most assuredly must be conducting his own rituals to the gods to create tales that not only take the reader on an adventure but crushes you in its bloody fist until the final page is turned.

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