Saturday, 26 May 2012

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Triggers - Robert J Sawyer

Release Date: 26/05/12


The president of the United States is shot in the head by a would-be assassin. Rushed to hospital and barely saved from death, he discovers that he has new memories - memories that are not his own. A scientific experiment has gone awry, and a small group of people now remember each other's lives. And when one of those people's lives involved access to the most secret and dangerous information in the world, everything will change.


I’ve read a lot of Roberts work since he blasted onto the scene (or rather my scene with Flashforward), it’s always been wonderfully constructed, has a realm of believability about it and when added to his characters made compulsive Sci-Fi reading for me.

So I was a little disappointed with this title that I felt was flat and didn’t quite follow through on a lot of the idea’s within. Don’t get me wrong, the pace was there, the prose reasonable but the overall concept felt like it fell flat on its face more than once within the pages almost as if this was a short story extended way beyond its timeline.

All in, whilst I do love Robert’s writing, this isn’t one that I’d recommend to others looking to try him for the first time and I suspect a number of fans will feel the same way. That said, everyone is entitled to an off day so here’s hoping it picks up with the next one.

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