Friday, 25 October 2013

FANTASY REVIEW: King Rolen's King 4: King Breaker - Rowena Cory Daniells

Release Date: 10/10/13
Publisher:  Solaris


THE CONCLUSION TO THE HUGELY POPULAR KING ROLEN'S KIN SERIES! the story of Byron, Fyn and Piro picks up immediately where the cliff-hanging ending of The Usurper let off! When Cobalt stole the Rolencian throne, Byren, Fyn and Piro were lucky to escape with their lives; now they've rallied, and will set out to avenge their parents murder. Byren is driven to defeat Cobalt and reclaim the crown, but at what cost? Fyn has sworn to serve Byren's interests but his loyalty is tested when he realises he loves Byren's betrothed. and Piro never wanted to win a throne, but now she holds the fate of a people in her hands.


The cracking and hugely epic end to the wonderful King Rolen’s Kin series and one that I’m sad to see end as its been something that I’ve loved since I originally embarked into Rowena’s imaginative fantasy world. Yet with so long a wait between outings I was lucky enough to have the guilty pleasure of a reread before embarking upon this title. (And to be honest it’s something I’d recommend any other fan to do prior to starting this book.)

As with the original series the characters are delightfully complex, their backstory fascinating and when added to some wonderful dialogue alongside the chance for them to take their own destiny in their own hands all round generates a story that will more than satisfy those who’ve been eagerly awaiting this title. Great stuff.

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