Thursday, 17 October 2013

READING FUN: My Fantasy Reading Heaven - Gareth

Hey All,
Well thought we'd have a bit of fun, seeing as a lot of people get to see authors writing area's I decided to design my own ida of a reading heaven.  (Subject to Cat Bum approval.)

Whilst its fairly simple looking, let me walk you through it:
1)  Cat Tree, yes as other kitty owners know, if you're kitty ain't comfy, you are not going to get a lot of reading time.  So I made sure that they'd have thier own private area nearby that has a hammock for nice little sleeps in.

2)  Yes the chair is huge.  Its a swivel chair (so I can easily access the bookshelf) and is big enough so if kitties want to climb on and snuggle they can do.

3)  A huge booklight, yes, thats right a huge light as to be honest sometimes the print is so small you need it.

4)  Good quality bookshelf, this is an essential, after all you will need it for a few things:
a)  You TBR Pile yep, I know it shows a lot buy hey you must make sure that they're kept in perfect condition
b)  To keep my laptop on so I can get my reviews written pretty soon after finishing the title
c)  To keep my glasses on so I can read everything
d)  To keep the odd reading supplies on including notepad, pen and of course reading rations (emergency biscuits etc.)  so you don't have to get up.
e)  To keep a blanket or other thing to snuggle under when you're not feeling well.

Hope you've had fun with this,.

All the best,


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