Sunday, 20 October 2013

FANTASY REVIEW: Tales of Easie Damasco 3: Prince Thief - David Tallerman

Release Date: 24/09/13
Publisher:  Angry Robot


Altapasaeda, capital of the Castoval, is under siege by its own King - and Easie Damasco is trapped within the city's besieged walls. Only Mounteban has a solution to offer. Far to the north, rebels have set a bastard prince up as a figurehead. If our heroes could kidnap this warlord-in-the-making, he might be used as a bargaining chip to end the war on both fronts. Yet again, Damasco finds himself roped into a desperate scheme to preserve the Castoval, and events only grow more complicated as Damasco discovers that he and the disgruntled, rebellious teenage Prince have more in common than either of them would like to admit.


I’m a huge fan of the antihero as you’re never sure which way things are going to go, after all, a man with no real scruples coupled with a lot of temptation really does have the world at his feet and more than likely gives the author a few nightmares as he fights against some of the plotlines.

Yet for all that, Easie is back here for his third outing and as such really does give me a story to get my teeth into. I love the humour, I love the twists that David brings and above all else I love the way that the protagonist interweaves his way through the problems to do his damnedest to fulfil his own requirements whilst staying alive. Its refreshing, it has a whole cartload of catastrophe and yet, it’s so much of a chaotic mishmash that you really can’t put the book down as you wait to see what happens next. It’s magical. Great stuff.

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