Sunday, 8 June 2014


Release Date: 10/04/14
Publisher:  Scribe


INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR LIAD SHOHAM MAKES HIS ENGLISH-LANGUAGE DEBUT IN THIS COMPELLING, SUPERBLY PLOTTED CRIME THRILLER. After a brutal rape disturbs a quiet Tel Aviv neighbourhood, baffled detectives find no clues, no eyewitnesses, and no suspects. But the father of the shattered victim refuses to rest until justice is done, and begins his own investigation. Keeping watch over his daughter's apartment from the street, he notices Ziv Nevo lurking in the shadows, and hands him over to the police. All circumstances - and the victim - point to Nevo's guilt, and it appears the case is closed. Detective Eli Nachum is eager to wrap up this high- profile case, which has threatened to thwart his career. But why does the suspect keep silent during the interrogation? What secret is he hiding? What unfolds is a brilliant, fast-paced story that will keep you guessing until the very last page. Lineup is a twisted tale of mistaken identity, organised crime, a disgraced detective looking for redemption, a tireless young reporter, and an innocent man with a not-so-innocent past. Which lines will they cross, and what will they be willing to risk, as their worlds begin to collapse? This seamless, gripping novel introduces a powerful new voice in crime fiction.


I love reading something a little different and whilst I can often be found with my head in a crime book, I’m not normally taken to Israel within the pages. Here in a cracking police investigation that has a feel or solid reality alongside is a story that kept the pages turning as things are found and uncovered in a step by step story that keeps you going.

The prose is sharp, the principle character one that you really want to spend time with even though he’s subtle shades of grey and when backed with some cracking twists all round generated something I was more than happy to spend time with. Whilst Liad is well known in Israel, this (as far as I’m aware) is the first book to be released outside. Definitely an author to watch and I hope that his other titles follow suit. Great stuff.

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