Monday 9 June 2014

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: The Empire of Time 1: Roads to Moscow - David Wingrove

Release Date: 10/04/14
Publisher:  Del Rey


There is only the war. Otto Behr is a German agent, fighting his Russian counterparts across three millennia, manipulating history for moments in time that can change everything. Only the remnants of two great nations stand and for Otto, the war is life itself, the last hope for his people. But in a world where realities shift and memory is never constant, nothing is certain, least of all the chance of a future with his Russian love...


I originally came across David’s writing when I read his Chung Kuo series and to be honest it was something that was not only epic but huge. It took time to get into the story and when added to the sheer scope kept the reader going long after the final page as they wondered what would happen in the next instalment.

Here in his newest series readers are taken on a tale of “what if” as the world revolves round a conflict between Russia and Germany over three centuries. Its captivating, it has a cracking set of characters and when added to a rich deep feeling to the piece all round generates something that I had a very hard time to put down. Back this up with great pace as well as some great dialogue and all round I was a more than happy reader.

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