Thursday, 12 June 2014

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: The Spider Wars 1: The Burning Dark - Adam Christopher

Release Date: 25/03/14
Publisher:  Titan


Captain Idaho Cleveland has one last mission before he retires: decommissioning the Coast City, a distant research outpost orbiting the toxic star Shadow, only connected with the outside universe via ham radio. When a voice begins speaking to Ida just as the station is attacked by mysterious forces, Ida realizes he is about to face an enemy far more evil than any he's ever fought before.


If you’re after a space horror with eerie world building alongside solid character building then this title from Adam Christopher is definitely going to be one for you. As usual mankind is at war in with the alien machine intelligence known as the Spiders, and when added to some subtle prose alongside great concepts all round made this a hyperspace title that readers really should spend time with.

All round a whole host of fun and one that many really should sit back and enjoy, especially if you can’t wait to get scared in the dark. Great stuff.

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