Friday, 13 June 2014

DVD REVIEW: Ali G, Aiii - 2 Entertain Video

Release Date: November 2000
Publisher:  2 Entertain Video


The straight-talking star of the Staines Massive returns with a compilation of highlights and out-takes from 'Da Ali G Show'. Includes Ali in the USA, visiting NASA and the National Rifle Association, and interviews with Peter Stringfellow and Jarvis Cocker.


I’ve been a fan of Ali G for years so it’s always good to have a chance to dip into a bit of modern nostalgia and sit back to enjoy some alternate comedy, yet for all that the show does right, this series really was the end for Ali as big budget seemed to spell the doom for a character that worked better with very little.

Whilst I had a lot of fun with the show, the cracks begin to tell in this series as the character changes to try and be something that I felt he wasn’t intended to be to try and liven up the aspects for the series. Yes you had a lot of fun with guests, you could see how the comedy worked but when you threw in “rapping” it felt like it took it way to far showing the huge cracks in Sasha’s ability.

All round, this one is more for the fans than for the general consumer and whilst there is something for everyone within, it is dated. A great shame but there are golden moments within.

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