Saturday, 16 August 2014

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: The Killing Season - Mark Pearson

Release Date: 16/08/14
Publisher:  Arrow Books


DI Jack Delaney is trying to make a clean break. Tormented by his troubled past, he has taken his young family out of London, swapping the mayhem of London for the tranquil calm of the north Norfolk coast. Except it's not so tranquil. After a terrible storm hits Sheringham, a body is discovered beneath the rubble of a collapsed cliff. Natural disaster? No, this looks like murder, and Jack is the only local resident qualified to investigate. But when more disappearances follow and the local police step in, Jack finds himself plunged dangerously deep into the investigation - and in the sights of the killer on the loose.


Ok, so I’ve not read any of this author’s writing before, but I’m a huge fan of a crime tale told well and with characters that I just love to spend time around, and that’s what Mark presents in this title in spades. The lead character, DI Jack Delaney, is not only well rounded, but a character with quirks and foibles that help make him more real in the readers mind, which when backed with a family that steps straight from the page into a believable house next door, all rounds helps gives this a solid grounding.

All round, this title is one that I was more than happy to spend the time with, especially when added to a pace that allows you to take breathers whilst deciphering the clues as they’re unearthed, which when blended with good prose and of course dialogue that really fires the imagination all round gave me a very pleasurable evening. Great stuff.

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