Wednesday, 20 August 2014

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Vampires: A Hunters Guide - Steve White and Mark McKenzie-Ray

Release Date: 20/08/14
Publisher:  Osprey Adventures


For centuries, vampires have lurked in the shadows, preying upon the weak and defenseless. Now, with world population centers booming, the vampires have found rich new hunting grounds. But help is at hand, Vampires: A Hunter's Guide contains all the information necessary to recognize and combat the growing vampire threat. After exploring the origins of these dark and terrible creatures, it examines the numerous vampire species and subspecies that exist around the world today. Focusing on the hunters' weapons, tactics and skillsets, this book provides information on identifying and eliminating vampires, noting the best practices from the secretive, powerful and dedicated hunters from around the world, and throughout the ages. With full-color illustrations of predator and prey, this is the ultimate resource in the fight to save humanity from the vampires.


Having read the Zombie guide a while ago, I was more than interested to see how the other supernatural races would fare in this series from Osprey. It brings a sense of history to an urban fantasy world with snippets from the past blending wonderfully with an unseen modern world where these creatures existence is hidden from the public.

The illustrations are wonderful, and with it written in a sense of a document for these special forces that combat the creatures of the night, all round gives you something that is a whole heap of fun to spend time around. I can’t wait to see what they do for the Shapeshifter and hopefully a title set around other’s to cover a lot of the creatures we may not be familiar with.

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