Tuesday, 12 August 2014

LADY ELEANOR MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT REVIEW: Paranormal Intruder - Caroline Mitchell

Release Date: 1/12/13
Publisher:  Create Space Independent Publishing


An innocent family finds itself completely helpless against the sudden onset of paranormal activity in their quiet rural home. A knife embedded in a kitchen cupboard, crockery smashed by invisible hands, and blood-chilling growls emit from thin air. Caroline and her husband Neil search for answers as they try to protect their family from the unseen entity that seems determined to rip them apart.
The biggest question looms over them like a dark cloud ... who is going to help us? There are emergency services for many things, but not of this nature. It might be easier to believe temporary insanity, if not for the vast amount of witnesses. Police, fire services, mediums, priests and investigators all become embroiled in the mystery. The family struggles to cope, and Caroline grows concerned for her husband’s failing health as he withdraws from the world. However, the entity has only just begun.
Paranormal Intruder is the true story of one family’s brave fight against an invisible entity. Described as one of the best-documented cases of paranormal activity, this page turning book will stay with you long after you have finished reading it.


Whilst reading my Facebook wall one day I came across a share about this book, which after reading the blurb and as a fan of horror movies as well as ghost stories I thought I’d give it a go as I’m more than interested in getting to read someone’s real life account of a haunting.

Yes, generally a lot of them are all based in historic places such as tales of the past Kings and Queens or a haunted old inn yet this one stood out as it was set in a fairly new property, not something that you’d think would be haunted.

So upon opening the pages the reporting of the events started straight away and to be honest never slowed down.unlike so many others. What this title has done completely differently was to sit down and explain everything in a clear concise manner that also allowed you to get to know the victims of this haunting. There was no bravado or heroic stances from the family concerned and after doing what they could, they took the only step left to them which was to leave their home but even that didn’t end the paranormal events.

All in, this is a book that has a lot of twists and turns within, taking the reader from tears, from when the family had to rehome their dogs or your hair standing on end as the events are described in detail, yet throughout it all, it was clear that the familial bonds were strong as they stood together against the unseen foe.

I have read other reviews and am shocked at certain people's attitude to part of the story ( I will not go into it ) and I want to say to them until you have been literally been to hell and back don't be abusive about people’s reactions to a situation like this. The books author also has a blog which is very interesting and in my opinion is something definitely worth looking at. I would definitely give this book 10 out of 10 and I'm glad the author could come forward with this story it may well help others.

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