Thursday, 7 August 2014

VIDEO GAME REVIEW: Sacred 3 - Koch Media

Release Date: 01/08/14
Publisher:  Koch Media


Sacred 3 First Edition XBOX 360 is the next AAA installment in an established and successful franchise that has sold over two million copies so far. It is a console-driven Action-RPG with breathtaking visuals, spectacular effects, iconic characters and highly addictive gameplay.

Even in a team of legendary heroes, there is rivalry. In addition to its stunning single player adventure campaign, Sacred 3 brings a whole new aspect to the genre: competition! Opposing teams and individual players can now compete thanks to skill based gameplay, a strong multiplayer experience and countless online community features. It's not just about winning the game, it's about crushing your competition.

Explosive and accessible action experience
Intense multiplayer - captivating single player
Sophisticated game design and addictive reward-system
Deep, immersive universe with rich lore and distinct cultures


OK, for me, this was a reminder and a fond return to a similar game to Gauntlet (which sadly goes to show how old I am.) and whilst its an OK game to play on your own, it is much more fun if you either play with a few friends or other gamers online as you compete to get the most kills and to utilise the skills that you unlock as you progress through levels.

That said however, there are quite a few problems with the title such as the script which feels like it’s trying to go for funny and stereotypical comments for the characters rather than trying to push the boundaries for what I understand is quite a solid world build from previous incarnations. Add to this a rather confusing set of graphics (as there’s some great fmv on the very beginning) which then leads to graphic novel images between loads and storyline which left me a tad confused.

Add to this voice acting that felt more than a little flat with a dodgy scripting and all round it’s a bit of a disappointment.

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