Wednesday, 3 September 2014

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: Katie Maguire 3: Red Light - Graham Masterton

Release Date: 05/06/14
Publisher:  Head of Zeus


Somewhere in the city of Cork, a woman's cry echoes through the rainy streets. On a bloodstained mattress in a grimy flat, a burly man lies dead. A terrified girl kneels over his body. She has been trapped here for three days. It doesn't take DS Katie Maguire long to identify the murder victim. He is someone she has been trying to convict for years - a cruel and powerful pimp who terrorised the girls who worked for him. It's Katie's job to catch the killer. But with men like this dead, the city is safer - and so are the scared young women who are trafficked into Cork. When a second pimp is horrifically murdered, Katie must decide. Should she do her job, or follow her conscience? Should she allow the killer to strike again?


I’m a huge fan of Graham’s and whilst I was originally turned on to his writing by Lady Eleanor’s love for his horror writing, I’ve had a lot of fun reading his crime work. It has great prose, some wonderful twists and when added to believable characters that you want to spend time with really works well.

Throw into the mix some deft sleight of hand and all round the reader is in for a treat. Yet for all this, for me, the real seller is the dialogue. I love the way that it trips off the page and adds a richness that a number of people don’t tend to think of. All round a great piece of writing and something I can’t wait to see what Graham brings next.

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