Thursday, 11 September 2014

FANTASY REVIEW: The Fire Prince - Emily Gee

Release Date: 11/09/14
Publisher:  Solaris


The Seven Kingdoms are in the grip of an ancient and terrible blood curse. Thousands have died. Thousands more will die. Only one man can end the curse. The fugitive Osgaardan prince, Harkeld, is that man - whether he likes it or not. But the bounty on Harkeld's head is high. He has outrun his father's soldiers, but he can't outrun the assassins who seek him - Fithians, trained in the art of killing. Even the Sentinel mages who guide and guard him are no match for Fithian steel. Faced with the ever-present threat of death, Harkeld must learn to use his fire magic. Or die. Meanwhile, dark plots are unfolding in Osgaard's gold-tiled palace, snaring Princess Brigitta and those she loves. And in the eastern kingdoms, young orphan Jaume journeys with a band of mysterious and dangerous fighters, heading north for a purpose he does not understand.


The second outing in the Cursed Kingdom series and to be honest its been one I’ve been enjoying.since I read the original back in 2011. What comes across well is the characters, the whims of their desires as ell as the way that the interaction between what is perceived as enemies demonstrates that they have a lot more in common against a common foe.

It’s well written, the dialogue is sharp and when added to a love angle all round gives you a wonderfully rounded experience. Unlike a number of other second books, this one doesn’t suffer from book two blues or acts as a filler giving the reader a full on live story in its own right. Back this up with a rollercoaster pace as well as some wonderfully imaginative prose and all round I was a more than happy reader. Great stuff.

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