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Release Date: 28/08/14
Publisher:  Sphere


1536. In the corrupt heart of Tudor London a killer waits in the shadows...The Real Crime Before dawn on a misty November morning in 1536, prominent mercer Robert Packington was gunned down as he crossed Cheapside on his way to early morning mass. It was the first assassination by handgun in the history of the capital and subsequently shook the city to its core. The identity of his assassin has remained a mystery. Our Story Thomas Treviot is a young London goldsmith and a close family friend of Robert Packington. Through his own upstanding social connections - and some less upstanding acquaintances he has made along the way - Thomas launches a dramatic investigation into Packington's death. As Thomas searches for revenge, he must travel from the golden heart of merchant London, to the straw-covered backstreets of London's poorest districts before reaching the country's seat of power: the court of King Henry VIII. Before long he is drawn into a dark conspiracy beyond his wildest imaginings and claiming justice for his friend starts to look impossible. Especially when Thomas realises that Robert wasn't the man he thought he knew...In the first of a new series investigating real unsolved Tudor crimes, D. K. Wilson brings the streets of Tudor London to spectacular life as Thomas Treviot faces a fight to bring the truth to light in the corrupt world of Anne Boleyn, Thomas Cromwell and Henry VIII.


Most stories set in an historical time period are ones that we already know the answers to, yet just as in modern times, not every crime is solved and here the author bring one from the Tudor Period to life in an imaginative title that not only gives the reader an answer but also allows the reader to get a tale that is nigh impossible to put down.

The characters are delightful to spend time around as they feel like real people that you could meet on the street, they have feelings, they have their own objectives and desires and above all else their interaction really helps give the time period some real body for a modern reader. Back this up with some great twists alongside some cracking dialogue and all round its definitely one of my favourite crime books of the year to date. Great stuff.

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ediFanoB said...

Thank you for the mouth watering review.

Let me add for all interested readers that there is a second book starring goldsmith Thomas Treviot:

Traitor's Mark