Tuesday, 19 January 2016

EPIC FANTASY REVIEW: The Hallowed War 1: The Pagan Night - Tim Akers

Release Date: 19/01/16
Publisher:  Titan


The Celestial Church has all but eliminated the old pagan ways, ruling the people with an iron hand. Demonic gheists terrorize the land, hunted by the warriors of the Inquisition, yet it is the battling factions within the Church and age-old hatreds between north and south that tear the land apart. Malcolm Blakley, hero of the Reaver War, seeks to end the conflict between men, yet it will fall to his son, Ian, and the huntress Gwen Adair to stop the killing before it tears the land apart. The Pagan Night is an epic of mad gods, inquisitor priests, holy knights bound to hunt and kill, and noble houses fighting battles of politics, prejudice, and power.


To be honest I was originally a little confused with this title as the US and the UK have two different series names for it (US: The Long Winter, UK: The Hallowed War). But a promise of an epic fantasy, old gods vs the new church as well as a civil war really does get not only the blood flowing but the mind as you’re being treated to something that really won’t let go.

The writing is crisp and whilst I know others have been upset with the maps at the books beginning, I tend to avoid that sort of thing until I have to look at them (although to be honest I think it would have been better to have it as an appendices rather than at the front.)

For me what really sells this book is Tim’s principle characters. They’re wonderfully described, backed up with solid dialogue as well as having flaws alongside traits that really allow them to breathe life into the world.

All round a book I thoroughly enjoyed and a good enough start to allow a hell of a lot more to happen in the future and with high death counts, more people to introduce as well as other points of view to add, its going to be one hell of a ride.

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