Wednesday, 20 January 2016

THRILLER REVIEW: Highbridge - Phil Redman

Release Date: 19/01/16
Publisher:  Century


The dramatic novel from the writer and creator of Brookside, Hollyoaks and Grange Hill.

Three years ago, Janey Nolan was murdered in the centre of town.

Today, no one knows who did it.

Sick of waiting for the powers that be to rid the streets and school gates of dealers, druggies and parasites, Janey’s brothers want to avenge her death. While Sean decides to explore the routes and corridors of political power, Joey chooses more direct action in and among the alleys and pathways of the neighbourhood itself.

But can the brothers find Janey’s killer without bringing more danger to their town?




To be honest I know Phil’s name from a lot of TV programmes and whilst I enjoyed them I wasn’t sure how well he’d manage the change from screen writing to book format as it requires a lot of different skills. I shouldn’t have as for me, he brought the skills over wonderfully with solidly created characters, dialogue that really allowed the reader to associate with them as well as an overall plot line that drew me in wonderfully well.

Add to this an overall arc that delivered on the titles promise as well as allowing you to thoroughly get into the players minds and for me this was a departure and a treat. I’ll be recommending Phil to other readers wanting something a little different.

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