Thursday, 2 December 2010

CRIME REVIEW: In the Shadow of Gotham - Stefanie Pintof

Release Date: 02/12/10


At the dawn of the twentieth century, a deranged killer is on the prowl. New York, 1905. After losing his fiancee in the General Slocum ferry disaster, Detective Simon Ziele transferred to a country town north of Manhattan in the hope of escaping his grief. But only months later he's faced with the shocking murder of a young girl - battered to death in her bedroom on a cold winter's afternoon. And when Alistair Sinclair, one of Columbia University's most noted criminologists learns about the case, he realises it bears an uncanny resemblance to the deranged mutterings of one his research subjects. Ziele must work with Sinclair to determine whether his patient - with a terrifying history of violent behaviour and brutal fantasies - did indeed seek out this innocent young victim ...before the vicious murderer strikes again. In the Shadow of Gotham tells the atmospheric and gripping tale of a haunted man who must search for a killer, while on the run from his own demons...


The modern crime reader is spoilt for choice with so many titles to choose from. The main problem is where you want to be accompanied by when as the choice is so huge. After all if you want ancient Rome you have to plump for the Falco titles, if you want forensic titles then Tess Gerritsen or Kathy Reichs but if you want turn of the 20th Century there aren’t many to pick from.

That is until now. Here within this title by Stefanie is a story set before the Great War where she brings great characters, some decent dialogue and an attention to detail that will keep the reader more than satisfied. Back that up with a seriously good story arc and the reader will think that its money well spent. A great idea for a holiday gift but if you’re expecting a lot more time with the giftee, then prepare for a “few more pages” to become their catchphrase as this prize winning title occupies their reading time as well as their thoughts.


ediFanoB said...

I really like the choice of books you review.
Even I read mostly fantasy I like to read crime/mystery and historical thrillers.

I must admit that In the Shadow of Gotham made it directly to my books to buy in 2011 list.

I visited Stefanie Pintoff's site and found out that there will be more books starring detective Simon Ziele.
The second book - A Courtain Falls - is available and the next one - Secret of the White Rose - will be published in May 2011.

When I read the blurb and your review another author came up in my mind:
Jed Reubenfeld, the author of The Interpretation of Murder and The Death Instinct.

Anonymous said...

That cover is beautiful! Nice review:)