Wednesday, 29 December 2010

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Of Saints and Shadows - Christopher Golden

Release Date: 14/03/10


A secret sect of the Catholic Church, armed with an ancient book of the undead called The Gospel of Shadows, has been slowly destroying vampires for centuries. Now the book has been stolen, and the sect races to retrieve it before their purpose is discovered: a final purge of all vampires. As the line between saints and shadows grows ominously faint, private eye Peter Octavian is drawn into the search. And he'll do anything to find the book ...for Peter Octavian is also a vampire. Ostracized by his kindred for refusing to take part in the 'blood song', he cannot stand by and watch while they are destroyed. In a deadly game with a driven, sadistic assassin, the trail leads to Venice at the time of carnival, where the Defiant Ones, as the vampires are known, are engaged in a savage battle for their lives. Filled with plot twists, mystery, sex and violent death, Of Saints and Shadows is a spine-tingling thriller which opens the door to the world of The Shadow Saga.


Fans of the fang will undoubtedly be looking for something a little different compared to a number of the titles out there, and boy, do you get it with this offering from Christopher Golden. There’s a secret war, some literal secrets and above all else a kick ass leading man who the readers will just fall for. He’s got it all, fangs, good looks and above all else demonstrates that a body can morph into the various legends that few other authors feel that they can tackle. Add to the mix a serious supporting cast, some great dialogue alongside some descent pace bound up with a good number of twists and you know that the reader will be more than satisfied with this offering.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this whole series when I read it a few years ago. I don't think it ever got the recognition it should have.

Angela Addams said...

I thought this looked like something I'd already read - yes, years and years ago - it's funny that they're re-releasing it now. I loved it though, perhaps it's time for a reread.