Thursday, 9 December 2010

FANTASY REVIEW: Warhammer Heroes: Wulfrik - CL Werner

Release Date: 09/12/10


Emerging from the mists, Wulfrik the Wanderer brings destruction and death everywhere he treads. Cursed by the Ruinous Powers, the champion must seek prizes to appease the forces of Chaos. His unholy quest takes him to distant lands and pits him against foes no mortal man could defeat, but his blade is inescapable and his determination unrelenting. With the gift of tongues, he challenges any who stand in his way, an invitation to battle that cannot be refused. But now dark forces plot against Wulfrik, and he must discover the enemy within or else his soul will be lost to the Dark Gods forever.


In the bleak world of Warhammer, there are those who live in the darkest night and its to these characters that Clint’s recent offerings (bar the Ratling titles) have been featuring. This time it’s the turn of a Norsican Champion who battles against his fate as decreed by the Gods of Chaos.

What makes Clint’s writing so moreish is the fact that each lead character recently has a feeling of a play on some of the classic trends of fantasy, you have them battling against the odds in an almost Beowulfish style until the fates take them down swinging. It’s definitely well written, the dialogue is appropriate and if you want a good long slog with a touch of Slaine alongside elements of Howard then you really have to pick up this authors writing. Finally add a great sense of pace and you know where you are as you face down all manner of enemies until the last drop of blood is spilt. Great stuff.

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