Wednesday, 1 December 2010

FANTASY REVIEW: Griffin Mage 3: The Law of the Broken Earth - Rachel Neumeier

Release Date: 02/12/10


Six years ago, the king of Casmantium's schemes shattered the balance between griffins and humans, and nearly led to disaster for both. Now the balance may be tipping once more - and this time neither courage nor sacrifice may be enough to repair what should never have been broken. Mienthe, the Lord of the Delta's young ward, knows only that her own peaceful life has been shaken. But when a spy brings a deadly secret from a neighboring country, she sees three kingdoms move towards war and two species toward destruction. Trapped between the secret many would kill to preserve and the desperate ferocity of the griffins, could Mienthe herself hold the key to preventing the atrocities to come?


If I’m going to be frank, this series really hasn’t been for me, the authors writing style is a little too flowery and concentrates mainly upon the love aspect rather than the character growth and world building. It is inventive, it definitely has a real talent behind it but it is something that really doesn’t keep me interested.

Rachel’s prose is definitely beautiful, her dialogue does what it needs to do but when an author leaves me feeling that the characters aren’t as fresh as they can be and a touch too clichéd. A great shame and hopefully Rachel’s future titles will concentrate a bit more on the whole rather than a singular dimension.

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Pat Hollett said...

I saw that cover and thought, Wow!, that's a book I'd probably pick up because the cover attracted me, then the storyline sounded interesting. But, thankfully after reading your review, it's always good to know when something looks and sounds better than it really is. Thanks!