Friday, 20 April 2012

CRIME REVIEW: Bitter Water - Gordon Ferris

Release Date: 04/04/12


This is a declaration to the people of Glasgow. The police are useless and corrupt. We are taking it into our own hands: The Glasgow Marshals For Douglas Brodie, Glasgow's outbreak of murder and mayhem begins simply enough. A typical Saturday night brawl adds a splash of colour to the morning edition of the Gazette. But Brodie's piece receives a hot-blooded reply - the declaration of a new war upon petty crime signed by a group of vigilantes: The Glasgow Marshals. After his own stint at the Front, Brodie counts himself lucky to be back in his home town, paying his way as the local crime reporter. And although the frustrated, demobbed men of Glasgow are taking an eye for an eye, Brodie has some sympathy for their cause. So when a man is murdered, suspicion automatically falls on the Marshals, and the police are quick to agree. But for Brodie, this crime is all wrong. The Marshals stand for justice, not murder. Amid the heated clash of populace and police, a calculated killing has been ignored. Enlisting the help of advocate Samantha Campbell, Brodie begins to investigate the death himself, finding that of course the old saying always holds true: still waters do run deep.


I love a good crime story and for me some of the grittiest have north of the border as its setting. What Gordon does well in this book is bring together realistic characters (both in the lead and as supporting) who add a real flavour to the story that takes you back to a believable time.

Add to this real gore and people who won’t stint to do what they have to which when backed with great prose alongside a solid overall arc, it makes for a book that will stay with you for quite some time. The only other thing I’ll say about this book is that it’s the second in a series and if you haven’t had chance to read the first, don’t worry, you can pick this up and still get to enjoy it. Magical.

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