Sunday, 22 April 2012

STEAMPUNK WEEK: Music Review: Children of a Factory Nation - Jordan Reyne


Jordan is one of those artists that had it not been for friends I wouldn’t have heard which to be blunt is a great shame. The album follows the evolution of New Zealand and the journey of a family through the exploration of music and time. The first track Johnny Come Home, is not only invocative of the album but one to set the pace as well as themes within that really make this a wonderful piece to own.

Add to this a whole host of tracks that bring Jordan’s deep and haunting voice alongside her lyrics to the listener and some wonderful combinations of vocal alongside instrumental magic (such as the pure vocal track A Woman Scorned) which will leave the listener wondering why they haven’t heard her before. Sadly in the UK the demise of Classic FM and O Music probably means that she won’t get much airplay but trust me, its well worth the time to search out this remarkable musician.

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