Thursday, 5 April 2012

DVD REVIEW: The Revenant - Daniel Anders and Chris Wylde

Release Date: 02/04/12


Dead soldier Bart Gregory has two problems; 1) he's a zombie and 2) he needs blood - lots of blood - or he'll "die" all over again. Turning to his best buddy Joey for support, the two hatch a plan to guarantee supply and create a win-win situation. Convinced that no one will miss the drug dealers and killers of their corrupt city, the friends become "The Vigilante Gun Slingers", turning the scum of the streets into snacks for Bart...

Both belly-bustin' funny and blood-thirsty gory, The Revenant is a fantastic action-packed horror comedy with a difference!


Horror is a genre that’s hard enough to get right without adding comedy into the mix. What the film “The Revenant” does is bring together a lot of the cult classics and add their own twist into the mix which considering it has the writing talent from Bubba Ho-Tep behind it clearly demonstrates that the writer is more than a one hit wonder.

Whilst the film has been out a number of years (originally done in 2009) it has been quite a while waiting to make its DVD release (rather ironically when you consider that Bart is a Revenant.) Add to the mix some solid twists, a mission gone awry and the whole buddy movie option built in (with the chemistry of Daniel Anders and Chris Wylde working wonderfully) and this will become a cult classic. Great stuff all in and a lot of fun to watch especially on a Friday or Saturday Night.

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