Tuesday, 24 April 2012

FANTASY REVIEW: Wall of Night 2: The Gathering of the Lost - Helen Lowe

Release Date: 05/04/12


Tarathan of Ar and Jehane Mor ride into the great city of Ij in time for its grand Festival of Masks. But soon after their arrival they witness a terrible slaughter as their fellow heralds are targeted and assassinated. They must flee for their lives across the city when they discover Swarm agents at work as they attempt to destabilise the entire River Cities network for their own ends. And five years after her great flight from the Derai Wall, Malian remains hidden to those who seek her. But she has not been idle. Her goal is to muster all Derai magic users who have fled into exile rather than face destruction. Only by uniting against the Swarm menace can they hold their own against the dark tide. She has hunted down every rumour of their presence and has developed her own powers that the Swarm must learn to respect - and to fear. For Malian won't see her people fall to a dark tide of twisted magic, as demonic forces subvert a way of life.


Having enjoyed Helen’s debut last year I was interested to see how the story would expand in the second novel as well as seeing if the quality and world building would continue to expand. What unfurled within was a story that was not only haunting but one that allowed the character to grow into the role that she’s discovering she’s destined for.

Add to this solid writing, a fluid descriptive style which is almost cinematic and all in it’s a title that really announces the author to the fantasy world as more than a one shot wonder. Finally throw into this a cracking plot outline and enough twists to keep the reader confused and it’ll make you demand the third part after the last page is turned.

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