Thursday, 12 April 2012

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: The Virex Trilogy 2: New York Blues - Eric Brown

Release Date: 06/04/12


Hal Halliday runs a missing persons business in mid 21st century New York. It is a city that is drowning in refugees after terrorist outrages have left much of America a radioactive wasteland. People colour their grim lives with endless hours spent in VR. It is an addiction which has made VR magnate Sergio Mantoni a multi-millionaire. But now Mantoni faces a threat from a guerilla group called VIREX, who are dedicated to ending the false promise of VR. And when Hal accepts a job to look for the missing sister of a Holodrama star, he find himself drawn into the complex world of VR and VIREX . . .


Here in the second book in Eric’s Virex trilogy is a story that is part cyberpunk, part Virtual Reality and blended together with Crime Noir as our hero Hal, takes on all comers as he searches for a missing girl. Its quirky, the characters come over well and personable and when you add to the mix saboteurs who seek to destroy VR it’s a tale that is quite complex.

All in this strange amalgamation works very well and whilst I’ve not been Eric’s biggest fan, I found myself drawn deeper into this world than I have been in previous outings as Hal was a character I really liked to spend time with. Finally, if you want a tale different to the norm, a calculating hero and a villain of equal proportions then this offering from Anarchy Books really will hit the spot.

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