Tuesday, 8 May 2012

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: Murder Mile - Tony Black

Release Date: 12/04/12


In a cold, windswept field on the outskirts of Edinburgh, lies the brutally mutilated body of a young woman. As DI Rob Brennan looks at the tangled mass of limbs and blood, he feels his heart freeze. Like Fiona Gow five years earlier, this girl has been strangled with her own stockings, sexually mutilated and her eyes have been gouged out. Is this the work of an Edinburgh Ripper? The press certainly think so. Rob Brennan is determined to uncover the truth - however painful that might be. But truth is hard to come by in a world of police rivalries, media hysteria and copycat crime.


There are some authors who when they release a new title, allow the reader to feel that they’re catching up with an old friend. In this Tony’s second book following DI Rob Brennan the reader is thrown headlong into a murder investigation that has a horrible feeling of déjà vu for our lead character.

What makes this book from Tony a wonderful read is his tight prose, solid arc and when backed with a character that is fully fleshed that feels like a familiar friend after a short time, makes this a title that is not only hard to put down but nigh impossible. All in a wonderful read and as the title builds to its inevitable conclusion I found myself reading slower to have more time within the pages. Cracking.

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Tony Black said...

Wow ... blown away you got along so well with DI Brennan! Thanks a million for taking the time to review.