Tuesday, 15 January 2013

FANTASY REVIEW: Books of the Shaper 2: Seven Kings - John R Fultz

Release Date: 15/01/13


In the jungles of Khyrei, an escaped slave seeks vengeance and finds the key to a savage revolution. In the drought-stricken Stormlands, the Twin Kings argue the destiny of their kingdom: one walks the path of knowledge, the other treads the road to war. Beyond the haunted mountains King Vireon confronts a plague of demons bent on destroying his family. Iardu the Shaper weaves history like a grand tapestry, spinning sorceries into a vision of apocalypse. Giants and Men march as one to shatter a wicked empire. The fate of the known world rests on the swift blades of Seven Kings ...


Having loved the original book by the author I really couldn’t wait to return to see what he had in store for me in this, the second outing. What unfurls within is a story that is even more twisted than the original, with a huge cast that continues to develop as the minds alongside political machinations continue their own march towards their goals.

It’s definitely a series that has not only grabbed me but entrenched me firmly in the camp of Fan of this author and when you add cracking characters to the wonderful sense of prose, the cracking descriptiveness of the world and of course the twisted nature of the plot, all round makes this a series that you’ll have a hard time putting down. Great stuff.

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