Saturday, 26 January 2013

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Hidden Empire 5: Queen of Nowhere - Jaine Fenn

Release Date: 03/01/13


When paranoia is a way of life, trust doesn't come easily. The Sidhe look like us. They live amongst us. What they lack in numbers they make up with their fearsome mental abilities and the considerable physical resources at their disposal. And their biggest advantage? No one believes they exist. Almost no one. Bez, the best hacker in human-space, is fighting a secret war against them. Always one step ahead, never lingering in one place, she's determined to bring them down. But she can't expose the Hidden Empire alone and when the only ally she trusted fails her she must accept help from an unexpected quarter. Just one misstep, one incorrect assumption, and her Sidhe trap - her life's work - could end in vicious disaster. Worse, if Bez fails then humanity may never have another chance to win free of the manipulative and deadly Sidhe ...


Jaine Fenn is one of those authors that knows how to weave a story for the reader whilst maintaining the integrity of the overall arc with her hidden agenda. Here, in the fifth outing is a story that continues the war against the Sidhe as our intrepid heroine takes on the alien in her own techno-savvy way.

As usual the prose directs your journey with some wonderful interludes, solid pace and when backed with the authors own unique writing style really keeps you going. All round another success in the series although I still think my favourite is the original.

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