Saturday, 5 January 2013

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Warhammer 40K: The Legacy of Caliban 1: Ravenwing - Gav Thorpe

Release Date: 06/12/12


The Ravenwing stand apart from the rest of the Dark Angels Chapter – these dynamic Space Marines take to the battlefield upon steeds of adamantium and plasteel, and swoop from the skies in lightning-fast speeders to bring death to the foes of the Imperium.

When he joins their prestigious ranks, Brother Annael finds himself thrust into a whole new world of shadowy intrigue, and privy to secrets unknown to his common battle-brothers. In the wake of the conflict at Kadillus, hints of a dark conspiracy begin to emerge, and it soon becomes apparent that the Ravenwing has a sacred duty far more vital than hunting down orks...


With there being so many secrets amongst the Followers of the Emperor, one of the darkest has to perhaps be the one hidden by the Dark Angels chapter themselves with only a few knowing it. It’s definitely one hell of a hook and when added to the wonderful writing style of an author who knows not only how to twist the readers perception but deliver political machinations alongside goals whilst surrounding the characters within war with their foes as well as themselves and you know that it’s a book that is going to deliver a hell of a lot.

Add to the mix some wonderful turns of phrase, some cracking Warhammer action alongside the use of fast action machines to take these hunters to their prey and all round you know that the reader is going to be in for a hell of a ride. Cracking stuff all round and definitely something that is going to earn the chapter a few more fans.

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