Saturday, 19 January 2013

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: A Red Sun Also Rises - Mark Hodder

Release Date: 17/01/13


A man without faith. A woman without hope. My name is Aiden Fleischer. I was forced from my home, moved among the victims of Jack the Ripper, was tortured by a witch doctor, and awoke on another planet. Throughout it all, my assistant, Clarissa Stark, remained at my side. On Ptallaya, we were welcomed by the Yatsill. The creatures transformed their society into a bizarre version of our own, and we found a new home beneath the world's twin suns. But there was darkness in my soul, and as the two yellow globes set, I was forced to confront it, for on Ptallaya...A RED SUN ALSO RISES...and with it comes an evil more horrifying than any on Earth.


To call this a Science Fiction book is to do it a disservice, to call it a Steampunk book doesn’t bring it over to the full majesty of what the reader is about to get, it’s one of those modern amalgams that really hits the spot with a mimic of the old Victorian Penny Dreadful echoing along within.

It’s definitely unusual, the principle characters outcasts amongst our own, yet among the Yatsill they’re welcomed. Add to this some solid pace, great prose alongside a cracking plot line and of course two characters that I just wanted to spend time around and for me, this hit the nail bang on the head as one of the debut releases for Del Rey UK.

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