Tuesday, 8 January 2013

PARANORMAL ROMANCE REVIEW: Dark Legacy 2: Dream Eyes - Jayne Ann Krentz

Release Date: 08/01/13


A suspicious death. A ghost in a mirror. The second Dark Legacy novel from the New York Times bestselling author known for crafting novels of burning passion and chilling suspense ...Gwen Frazier is no stranger to ghosts. She sees them in pools of water, windows, mirrors - any reflective surface - at the scene of their violent deaths. But finding justice for the dead is something she's not trained to do and a luxury she can't afford. What pays the bills is her work as a psychic counsellor who sees auras and interprets dreams. But the death of her friend and mentor, Evelyn Ballinger, brings Gwen back to the small town of Wilby, Oregon, and brings back memories she would rather forget. And suddenly, she finds herself a suspect. Enter Judson Coppersmith - a man of startling power and disturbing energy. Sent by a friend to help Gwen, the psychic investigator arrives in Wilby barely in control of his own talent and his own life, haunted by urgent dreams. His attraction to Gwen is primal, but there are secrets he must keep to protect himself from surrendering to her completely. As their investigation into deaths past and present draws them ever closer to danger, Gwen finds herself going too far - into dreamscapes, into decades of deception, and into the fires of a desire too strong to resist ...


There are times in my reading schedule when I want a good helping of paranormal with the added magic of Romance, so at times like that I tend to reach for any title sent by Piatkus as they have a stable of not only well known authors but also a proven track record in giving me in what I want. So after the recent holiday, I felt in the mood for something a little lighter and was more than delighted to find a murder mystery mixed in with the genre in Jayne Ann Krentz latest title.

What unfurls is a story that whilst unbelievable in parts does give you a great angle into how some of the powers manifest within individuals as well as giving a reason for why it happens to some and not others. It also brings together too lone figures who are lost within their own emotional turmoil and yet find each other. That said, that’s where the plot started to fall apart as to be blunt with you, the first sex scene within the novel felt not only contrived but forced almost as if the author thought that she really needed to add it without allowing it to feel natural or allow it to take its time.

Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy the tale but all in when things are forced and the reader starts to concentrate on flaws that occur with greater frequency then you may well be better awaiting this title to appear in a cheaper shop or borrow from the library.

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