Thursday, 13 March 2014

HISTORICAL FICTION REVIEW: Empire 7: The Emperor's Knives - Anthony Riches

Release Date: 13/02/14
Publisher:  Hodder


The seventh novel in Anthony Riches' acclaimed Empire sequence brings Marcus Aquila back to Rome, hunting the men who destroyed his family. But the revenge he craves may cost him and those around him dearly. The young centurion's urge to exact his own brutal justice upon the shadowy cabal of assassins who butchered his family means that he must face them on their own ground, risking his own death at their hands. A senator, a gang boss, a praetorian officer and, deadliest of all, champion gladiator Mortiferum - the Death Bringer - lie in wait. The knives are unsheathed, and ready for blood ...


The latest outing for Centurion Marius “Two Knives” Corvus who in his quest for vengeance has travelled to Rome. As with Anthony’s other books the tale is full of high octane action, has some magnificent twists and when added to a comraderie that gives the reader a bond with not only the principle player but the unit around him all round generates a book that is not only hard to put down but nigh impossible.

Back this up with some great dialogue, some cracking turns of phrase and of course an authorly style that really works well always moves Anthony to the top of my reading pile. Finally I’d like to add that if you’re a fantasy reader and love David Gemmell’s work, then try Anthony Riches Historical Fiction, it not only has notes of David throughout but also in the latest title has something that you’ll more than appreciate. Great stuff.

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