Wednesday, 12 March 2014

THRILLER REVIEW: To Die For - Phillip Hunter

Release Date: 21/02/14
Publisher:  Head of Zeus


Massive, glowering, and ugly as death, former soldier and ex-boxer Joe has always invited violence. But now Hackney's most vicious gangs all want to kill him. Why? As he tries to unravel the knot of events that have made him a target, Joe is drawn back into his past, back to the memory of the only woman he ever loved. Brenda was a prostitute who dreamed of something better. Now she's dead, and her murder, unsolved, haunts Joe every night. Then a twelve year old runaway enters his life. Kid is traumatised, mute, and sees Joe as her saviour. Life has made Joe a machine. Can Kid - as Brenda once did - make him human again? This taut thriller about betrayal, vengeance and redemption will grab you by the throat from the very first line.


This book takes me back to David Gemmell’s (under the pseudonym of Ross Harding) White Knight Black Swan, as London’s darker side pervades the readers perception as one of its tough guys is targeted by gangs for a reason unknown by him. It’s a book that has a high octane pace alongside some twists that the reader won’t see coming. Back this up with a principle character that has a hard time opening up to a world that has put him down time and again alongside a supporting cast that adds extra flavour and all round you’ll be left demanding more. Great stuff.

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