Friday, 21 March 2014

THRILLER REVIEW: The Catch - Tom Bale

Release Date: 13/02/14
Publisher:  Arrow Books


How far do you go for a friendship? That's the question Daniel Wade is forced to ask when a simple favour has fatal consequences. For the sake of his old schoolmate, Robbie - and more importantly for Robbie's sister, Cate - Dan agrees to go along with a lie. But soon he's sucked into a conspiracy that threatens to consume them all. How hard do you fight for a fortune? For Gordon and Patricia Blake, the dead man held the key to a glorious future. Now that future has been ripped from their grasp, and the Blakes want to know why. Then they want revenge. How can you hope to survive? With a ruthless predator on their trail, Dan realises that evading justice is the least of their worries. All that matters now is staying alive.


To be honest, whilst I’ve read Tom’s writing before, this one felt more than a little flat to me as the story went from interesting concept and question posed to the ridiculous as things went south pretty quickly. The characters felt little more than 2D with the writing not really taking them anywhere within other than a forced line and for me it was something that told its own tale throughout the book.

Add to this no real depth of excitement for me, sadly plain and overly complex idea’s that could have been explored deeper to help give a more rounded tone and all round left me feeling pretty flat. A great shame as I’d had high hopes for this.

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