Saturday, 15 March 2014

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Bel Dame Apocrypha 1: God's War - Kameron Hurley

Release Date: 16/01/14
Publisher:  Del Rey


Nyx is a bel dame, a bounty hunter paid to collect the heads of deserters - by almost any means necessary. 'Almost' proved to be the problem. Cast out and imprisoned for breaking one rule too many, Nyx and her crew of mercenaries are all about the money. But when a dubious government deal with an alien emissary goes awry, her name is at the top of the list for a covert recovery. While the centuries-long war rages on only one thing is certain: the world's best chance for peace rests in the hands of its most ruthless killers...


Del Rey is a publisher that’s never been afraid to bring something not only a little different but something outside of a lot of readers comfort zones to the fore and whilst the UK arm is fairly new on the block, its one that has suck to the ideal’s of its American Counterpart in bringing this title to the readers attention.

Part Science Fiction, part fantasy and all wrapped up with a fascinating principle character, the book takes the reader on one hell of a adrenaline fuelled high octane adventure that captures your imagination within its pages. The prose is sharp, the dialogue something that works very well with the almost alien aspect of the title which when blended with an authorly writing style that the reader will find appealing all round makes this a book that deserves success. A great read.

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