Wednesday, 23 July 2014

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: Angel of Death - Ben Cheetham

Release Date: 08/05/14
Publisher:  Head of Zeus


Would you break the law to see justice done? A former prostitute turns to murder in order to take revenge on the men who abused her. Sheffield: a bankrupt businessman has murdered his family. It seems like an open-and-shut case: a desperate man resorting to desperate measures. Middlesbrough: a woman named Angel is heading south. She is a woman alone. A prostitute. Now a murderer. And she has only one thing on her mind: revenge. Two crimes, a hundred miles apart, but a terrible secret connects them. And although the courts may not agree, DI Jim Monahan has all the proof he needs to bring down justice on a group of particularly vicious criminals...


I tend to read a lot of crime books and whilst most of them follow the tale through from start to finish, what this title also throws into the mix is a lead character who has to war with his own beliefs and his faith in the law. Its wonderfully written and the reader is given a principle player that is rounded but also emotionally involved in everything he does.

Add to the mix, some solid police work, quite a few twists and of course an authorly style that will not only entertain but help give the reader a tale that’s a little different to a lot out there and al round, you really can’t afford to miss this book.

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