Saturday, 19 July 2014

SCIENCE FICTION CRIME REVIEW: The Forever Watch - David Ramirez

Release Date: 01/05/14
Publisher:  Hodder


The Noah: a city-sized ship, half-way through an eight-hundred-year voyage to another planet. In a world where deeds, and even thoughts, cannot be kept secret, a man is murdered; his body so ruined that his identity must be established from DNA evidence. Within hours, all trace of the crime is swept away, hidden as though it never happened. Hana Dempsey, a mid-level bureaucrat genetically modified to use the Noah's telepathic internet, begins to investigate. Her search for the truth will uncover the impossible: a serial killer who has been operating on board for a lifetime...if not longer. And behind the killer lies a conspiracy centuries in the making.


To be honest I’m a reader that likes to try a whole host of different stories personally as I love not only adventure but to be given the chance to try new authors work to see what they bring to the table. Whilst this is a debut novel, its one that, for me, was a hell of a struggle to get into. It was a slow starter, the set up felt like it took a long time and for me, I really struggled to associate with the characters within.

All round, whilst the concept is definitely interesting, for me the execution was lacking. All round a great shame.

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