Wednesday, 9 July 2014

FANTASY REVIEW: Paladin's Legacy 5: Crown of Renewal - Elizabeth Moon

Release Date: 27/05/14
Publisher:  Orbit


Eight kingdoms in danger, an enemy that cannot die...Count Jeddrin has received a grisly message. His son, Filis, is dead, brutally killed by Alured the Black - the first move in his plan to take the eight kingdoms. But Filis managed to send his own message, telling of the dark forces that control Alured, warning of something more than human behind the man's eyes...Meanwhile, Dorrin Verrakai, last of a long line of magelords, must forever leave the home she loves in order to protect powerful magic relics created by her ancestors. For their power is desired both by Alured, and by the dark elves infesting the kingdoms. Searching for answers, her friend and King, Kieri, considers waking the magelords from their ancient slumber...


The fifth and final part of the Paladin Legacy and to be honest with you what a hell of a way to see the final volume of the series end. As usual with Elizabeth the prose is razor sharp, the key aspects hard hitting with the action being hard fought giving the reader a story that really fulfils the fantasy need within.

Back this up with great characters and of course great detail alongside the wrapping up of so many threads that have left readers questioning for years. All round a satisfying read and one that is definitely going to prompt a whole series reread when I have the time. Magic.

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