Thursday, 24 July 2014

VIDEO GAME NEWS: RUNEFEST set for 11th October - Jagex

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Our friends at Jagex have let us know about upcoming Runefest, the Festival for Fans of Runescape to meet the deevlopers and other like minded individuals, however this year they're doing somehing a little different.  Here's what they've had to say:

"Jagex Games Studio, makers of the multi-award winning fantasy MMORPG, RuneScape, has today unveiled plans for the game’s annual fan convention: RuneFest. This year players will have the option to attend for free by using their in-game gold reserves and bartering with the community for Bonds, which can then be used to not only acquire a ticket to RuneFest, but be swapped for accommodation, merchandise, and more, without a cent (or penny) spent!

This year, RuneFest will take place on Saturday 11th October at Tobacco Dock, London, and give RuneScape fans the chance to meet the developers behind the game, as well as get a sneak peak at content planned for the future. In addition to being purchasable with Bonds, tickets can also be bought for £99 when they go on sale from Monday 28th July. Jagex has partnered with a local hotel so accommodation can be purchased by attendees with Bonds. The virtual currency can also be swapped for 
Crystal Coins allowing RuneFest visitors to secure consumables and merchandise at the event itself for free.

“Over the past 13 years RuneScape has built up a loyal fan base who are as enthusiastic about the game as we are,”  said Jane Ryan, community and events director at Jagex. “RuneFest is our chance to celebrate everything that makes RuneScape special with those who mean the most to us: our players.  This year we wanted to make sure as many of our players could join us as possible, so we’re allowing players to purchase pretty much everything with their in-game currency.  Players can essentially come to the entire event, without spending a single penny!” 

RuneScape Bonds were introduced into the game in September 2013 and are available to buy either with real world cash or in-game gold from the RuneScape website. To join in with the RuneScape community and become a part of RuneScape today visit"

In addition to this, this is how the Coins and Bonds work out:

The cost (in Bonds) for the ticket and hotel packages are as follows:
Ticket Only
·       1 RuneFest ticket = 35 Bonds
·       2 RuneFest tickets = 70 Bonds

Hotel Only
·       1 twin room on 10th October = 55 Bonds
·       1 twin room on 11th October = 55 Bonds

Ticket and Hotel Package
·       2 RuneFest tickets plus twin room on 10th October = 125 Bonds
·       2 RuneFest tickets plus twin room on 11th October = 125 Bonds
·       2 RuneFest tickets plus twin room for both nights (10th and 11th) = 180 Bonds

Crystal Coins are available in the following packages:
·       1 Bond = 10 Crystal Coins (equivalent to £2.50)
·       5 Bonds = 50 Crystal Coins (equivalent to £12.50)
·       20 Bonds = 200 Crystal Coins (equivalent to £50)

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