Friday, 23 July 2010

CRIME REVIEW: The Taken - Inger Ash Wolfe


'Nightmare': When fact and fiction collide. Detective Inspector Hazel Micallef is recovering from a bad year, and a traumatic back operation that has left her in the care of her ex husband and his new wife. But Hazel is lured back to work when a body is pulled from a nearby lake: a discovery that eerily mirrors a disturbing story printed in the local newspaper. The author of the tale can't be found, and when gruesome, taunting clues begin to arrive Hazel realizes she's dealing with a master manipulator, a crazed soul who knows her every move...


OK, you want a tale that will chill you to the bone, will not only scare the bejesus out of you and will leave you worrying long after the final page is turned, then look no further than this offering from Inger Ash Wolfe.

It’s a tale that will sate the blood gods, will please the sleuths and will ultimately give you exactly what you’re looking for. Add to the mix an author who also fully understand the human psyche and one who manages to manipulate not only the characters but the reader and you know that its going to be something special.

Finally add descriptive prose, idealistic characters and above all else, a real treat to the reader and you know that this is definitely a title worthy of your finances. This book will cause more than one sleepless night, will also reawaken those deep routed fears and perhaps find chinks in your own personality that you didn’t know existed. Definitely a joie de vie title.

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Pat Hollett said...

Your review has prompted me to write this one down to pick up next time I'm at a Chapters. I just hope they have it. If not, I can probably order from Amazon. The review intrigued me, otherwise I'd probably have not given this book a second thought looking at it's cover.
Thanks...ha ha another one to add to my ever growing tbr pile. :)