Wednesday, 14 July 2010

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: The Infernal Game: Ghost Dance - Rebecca Levene


Morgan is sent on a new mission for the Hermetic Divi­sion, investigating the murder of the world's foremost expert on Elizabethen alchemist John Dee. Her killer - an agent of Mossad with superhuman powers. In the US, Alex, a powerful medium, is employed by the CIA to invesitage a new cult called the Croatans who seem to be able to possess animals. Alex and Morgan's path cross when Morgan is drawn to the US in pursuit of Dee's greatest treasure - and the dangerous young man who plans to use it to achieve immortality!


Having loved the original by Rebecca, I’m always a little apprehensive when it comes to a second outing as they either hit the spot or sink without a trace. This one continued to build upon the success of the original although took it in a different direction to the one I expected it to follow. Whilst the original was more of a Cold War type tale this one explored the mythos of Eden alongside the dreamwalker from the native American stories. It did add something different, it did bring a whole set of new options to the fore and it did give the reader a fair amount of surprises along the way. Yet I felt that it was missing something that made the original so gripping that you couldn’t just put it down. Whether it was due to the loss of a favoured character I can’t say but it just didn’t feel complete to be honest and a little lack lustre. It is still a fun offering, it does continue the world building and I hope that the third outing will get back to more familiar territory.

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