Tuesday, 13 July 2010

FANTASY REVIEW: Warhammer Heroes: Sword of Justice - Chris Wraight


Fresh from the slaughter of the Emperor's enemies in the north, Ludwig Schwarzhelm, Emperor's Champion, is sent to Averland to oversee the inauguration of a new elector count. Beset by greenskins, and hampered on all sides by the ambitions of rival magnates, he is soon fighting to keep the fractious province together. But the rot runs deep. Powerful forces in Altdorf seem determined to see him fail, and suspicion falls on even his most trusted allies. When all is at its bleakest, the mark of Chaos and the full horror of his task is finally revealed. Alone, doubted by those closest to him, this will be Schwarzhelm's greatest ever challenge, one on which the destiny of the Empire itself depends.


The Warhammer world is not only a war torn battlefield through strength of arms but also through the desolate lands of the mental sparring. Which is what Chris Wraight bring’s to the table in this offering. Where many are famed for their battlefield prowess and in particular the hero of this offering its to the mental battlefield that a the battle hardened warrior is most challenged. Beautifully written with something for all fans of fantasy as the mental sparring is just as good and at times better than the physical battle descriptions. A great title and one that I really want a sequel for.

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