Monday, 12 July 2010

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Enforcer - Matthew Farrer


Enforcer Shira Calpurnia maintains a tough line on law and order in the Hydraphur system. Home to Imperial warfleets, this area of space is riven with violence and corruption. Calpurnia's duty is to protect the innocent and punish the guilty - with extreme prejudice. This omnibus collects the novels Crossfire, Legacy and Blind as well as new content from the author.


Fans of the 40K Universe will more than likely have visited at least one of Shira’s adventures prior to this omnibuses release. What you get is something a little more mystery based, with double dealing, bounties and above all else a dog eat dog world that the principle protagonista has to negotiate her own way round. Beautifully written with top notch entertainment backed up with action that is pure high octane. Add to the mix the fact that its an omnibus so you know its value for money and it’s a pretty tight offering all round.

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