Friday, 23 July 2010

THRILLER REVIEW: Deadlock - Sean Black


His mission should have been straightforward: to keep one man alive for one week. One prisoner - Super-intelligent and brutally violent, Frank 'Reaper' Hays is a leading member of America's most powerful white supremacists prison gang. One bodyguard - Ex-military bodyguard Ryan Lock has been hired to protect him. His mission is to keep Reaper alive for a week until he can be brought to trial. One week to stay alive - But Lock soon realises that he faces the toughest assignment of his career - just to survive ...


As a fan of the concrete thriller, I was more than intrigued by the latest offering from Sean Black after being tipped the nod about him, by a friend last year. What unfurls within this offering is something a little different to a lot of the books out there. You have a white supremacist group, you have government departments and have course the obligatory all action, no holds barred hero.

The pacing of this piece is incredibly fast and soon leaves the book blurb far behind as the whole tale speeds along to an explosive conclusion in its almost unbelievable plot outline that could have come straight from Hollywood (and probably will at some point shortly.) It is fun, its incredibly fast and above all else it was a tale that I highly enjoyed due to its unrelenting pace and moralistic stand. Great fun.

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