Friday, 30 July 2010

MUSIC REFERENCE: Play Better Guitar - David Black


This inspirational, fully illustrated guide to playing the guitar provides a sound framework for the beginner and reinforces basic knowledge for the more experienced player. Arranged in three sections - The Basics, Moving On and Learning from the Experts - it builds into a progressive course, with exercises, useful tips and examples designed to enable you to play better. The comprehensive coverage ranges from mastering first chords, simple tuning and fingerpicking, to improvising and composing, creating effects and matching the sounds and styles of the guitar greats.


Having been taught myself to play the guitar, I’m always looking for ways to improve my skills as well as techniques. Whilst going to a crossroads to make a deal with the devil isn’t quite on the cards just yet, I love it when I find a title that is useful not only to the established but the novice musician as techniques, styles and of course how to read the music sheets, are a real life saver at times.

Add to the mix that this offering also deal with acoustic alongside electric guitar and put together in a ringbinder format (so you can use it at the same time as trying the tips, tricks and lessons out) and you know that its something that is going to be a valuable tool.

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h said...

just bought this book today.. and it looks like i chanced upon a really good buy.. encouraging to read your review just now.. i hadn't realised the book was such a new release..